Saluting Law Enforcement Officers

Participating in Boston’s Run to Remember truly was a one of a kind experience this year. Most runners wore a second bib on the back in honor of Sean Collier with the number 179, Sean Collier’s MIT police badge number. It didn’t matter that it was a cold and rainy Sunday morning. A large stretch of the half marathon went along Memorial Drive and past MIT. It caught me by surprise to see several police cruisers lined up neatly along the race route somewhere near MIT (I didn’t pay attention were exactly). Law enforcement officers then stood along the route in front of their cruisers facing the runners and were giving high-fives to the runners. Or were we runners giving high-fives to the officers? I heard and said many times “Thank you!” This year the race was a celebration of all law enforcement officials, local, state and federal, by a city grateful for a successful ending of a turbulent and violet week of bombings, shootouts and anxiety that ended in a “shelter-in-place” manhunt only about a month ago. Many police officers were running too, including Boston Police, NYPD, and LAPD.

Finisher's Medal

Finisher’s Medal

I am always surprised how easy it is to run hard and pick up the pace a mile or two away from the finish line if there are fellow runners to measure yourself against in a friendly competition and strangers who cheer you on. “Go, Alzheimer’s!” I heard some people shout at me who recognized my singlet from the Alzheimer’s Association. I finished better than I expected with an official finish time of 2 hours 8 minutes and 18 seconds and an average pace of 9:48 minutes per mile.

Contemplating what race I should do next I’m wondering if I should take the training to the next level and go for twice the distance? Perhaps the Gorham Savings Bank Maine Marathon October 6th, 2013, in Portland, Maine?


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