The last long run

Mystic Lakes

Mystic Lakes

I can’t believe I have only one more week to go until race day! Actually, I think this week hardly counts as training since my mileage is significantly reduced with a 2-3 mile early morning run tomorrow and a 5-mile tempo run on Thursday!

Road through Middlesex Fells Reservation near Winchester, Mass.

Road through Middlesex Fells Reservation near Winchester, Mass.

The photos are from last Saturday’s hilly nine-miler through the towns of Arlington, Medford and Winchester along the Mystic river, through the Middlesex Fells Reservation and past the Mystic lakes. This was my last long run before the race, three miles shorter than my last two long runs.

The “Run for the Memory Team” will meet this Wednesday at the local Alzheimer’s Association (it’s not too late to donate for the fight against Alzheimer’s!) to discuss the logistics of the race. This year there will be tightened security on Sunday, May 26th, at the race, due to the recent tragic events at the Boston Marathon finish line. No spectators will be allowed near the finish line and runners are urged to leave their things at home, lock them up in their car or bring them in a clear plastic bag. Despite the early start time (7 a.m.!!) the race is sold out! I guess we runners are used to getting up early especially in the summer to beat the heat and humidity.

The race will start at the World Trade Center with a course winding through downtown Boston and along Memorial drive on the Cambdridge side of the Charles river. Check out the course map here. I look forward to the many spectators cheering us runners on! Despite the early morning start time of the race it is usually pretty well attended. So if you happen to be in town, check out the race course and join the other spectators. We runners need you!

Oh, before I forget, I finally got new running shoes as well! Just in the nick of time for the race. Even though running shoes don’t really need to be “broken in”, it’s a good idea to run in them at least once or twice before a race. This is the first time I bought Brooks, they just felt better on the treadmill in my local running store than my usual Saucony or Asics. Can’t wait to lace up and head out in them tomorrow morning!

My new Brooks Ghost 5

My new Brooks Ghost 5


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