Two Weeks Before Race Day: A Training Update

Aussenalster (Alster river) in Hamburg, Germany, a recent running route

Aussenalster (“outer” Alster river) in Hamburg, Germany, a recent running route similar to Boston’s Charles river.

Memorial Day weekend is only two weeks away. Given the many recent questions from my friends asking me: “How is the training going?” I realize I haven’t posted here in quite a while. So let me summarize what has happened during the last two to three weeks. The training is going well: the last two long runs were 12-milers and I’m currently averaging 18 to 20 miles per week. The long runs gave me blisters (I haven’t bought those long overdue new running shoes yet), but fortunately no more hip pain. For yesterday’s 12-miler I tried a new running route through three neighboring towns and along a hilly forest road. Yesterday’s run was very difficult given the unexpected hills and the humidity of a warm, but rainy day. It turned out to be a 10-mile loop, so I had to force myself to go an extra mile each out and back so that I could finish the 12 miles that I had set as my goal distance. I spent the rest of the day recovering with very sore muscles and a terrible, throbbing headache that just wouldn’t go away. But it was worth it! Given that the half marathon is only 1.1 miles longer I can say with confidence that I’m ready for Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon. My running singlet from the Alzheimer’s Association for which I’m raising funds (please help me reach my fund raising goal) arrived as well, so bring it on!

Binnenalster ("inner" Alster river) in Hamburg, Germany, a recent running route

Binnenalster (“inner” Alster river) in Hamburg, Germany, a recent running route similar to Boston’s Charles River.

I’ve not been following my training plan very closely recently, but I try to do what I can in the midst of starting a new, exciting job with a much longer commute and a spontaneous trip to my home town Hamburg in the Northern part of Germany. Toward the end of training the mid-week tempo and interval runs on my training plan are now up to eight miles long, so I consistently cut them short to five miles and then add the extra miles to the scheduled long run which are only about eight to nine miles in length. I have two more weeks to go. Next week’s training will start with a two-mile Monday morning easy run, followed by a 7-mile tempo run Wednesday night (which I will try to do full length if I get home in time), another early morning two-miler on Thursday and a ten-mile long run. No need to lengthen this one, but I might shorten it to eight miles in an attempt to taper down a bit.

It’s time to set the alarm clock to 5:00 a.m. for tomorrow morning’s two-mile easy run. Gute Nacht!


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