Boston keeps running!

Message seen on the Boston Charles River Bikepath

Yesterday I took a stroll during lunchtime along the Charles River near Boston University. Someone left this (see photo, above) and countless other caring messages for the shocked and grieving, but resilient (“They messed with the wrong city.“) Boston community. As I stroll along I read “B strong”, “Boston rides”, “Keep running”, “Boston loves you”, among many others. As I pass one message after the next, I smile. I wonder who wrote them? Perhaps a Boston University student? It is truly amazing how one heinous act resulted in so much love, support and caring by thousands of people, not only in Boston, but also elsewhere in the United States and even across the globe. In fact, my husband first heard about Monday’s tragedy through his concerned family from across the Atlantic!

Fittingly, this week a recovery week is on my training schedule. Since I followed a recovery week schedule already last week, I check my program to see what was originally on the schedule for last week: a 2-mile easy run for Monday. I watched the Boston Marathon instead and walked 6 miles to my home after all that chaos in the aftermath of the two explosions. Second: seven miles of speedwork with three 1600-meter repeats for today (not my favorite part of training), and an 8 mile long-run for the weekend (I love going on long runs!). It was such an exceptionally lovely Spring morning today as if all of Boston was being consoled by higher powers. I also wanted to read more of all the comforting messages that were hand-written with chalk on the pavement of the Boston bike-path along the Charles, so my husband and I decided to run in Boston along the Charles River. Instead of three 1600-meter repeats I ran two fast segments between the Boston University Bridge and the MIT Bridge, one segment on the Cambridge side and one on the Boston side. Some people call this “Fartlek” or speed play, and that’s exactly what it was – an unstructured, but fun and playful interval-type training! The total mileage was only 3.3 miles, not even half of what I was supposed to accomplish today in terms of mileage, but it didn’t matter. There is still enough time to get back on track. I will resume my running schedule, and Boston will recover. What matters is that the Boston community keeps running!

OneFundBoston_LogoBoston keeps running because of all the warm-hearted outpouring of support from its community, from people all over the U.S. and elsewhere. We Bostonians draw strength from you! In support of the victims of Monday’s tragic event, I urge you to consider donating to the One Fund, which was established by the Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino (more info here). The fund’s purpose is to raise money for those families affected by the bombings on Monday. Here is the link to the donation page: Thank you for keeping Boston running!


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