Battered Runner’s Feet

This week a 7-mile run was on the schedule of my “SmartCoach” application. I decided to go somewhere between 8 and 10 miles, however, because I had already done an 8-mile run last Saturday. It was a beautiful Spring morning, so I wanted to run again along the Minuteman Bikepath. I was curious about it’s appearance after a week of seasonably warm temperatures.

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to meet up with the Marathon team of the Alzheimer’s Association. Like us Half-Marathon trainees they are also raising funds through the Alzheimer’s Association to benefit Alzheimer’s disease research and patients suffering from this debilitating neurodegenerative disease. The marathon team is currently tapering as the Boston Marathon is just a few weeks away. Their goal was to run 14 miles in Newton on an especially tough part of the marathon route known as Heartbreak Hill. I was not ready for that, even though it would have been fun to meet new people and be inspired by the hard training this devoted group of individuals had done during this past snowy Boston winter. I simply wasn’t ready. Next weekend, however, I’ll have the opportunity to meet up again with the Half Marathon Alzheimer’s Association running team for a 10 mile run.10_Mile_Run_Photo01_3-31-13

I’m already excited about the opportunity of another team run next weekend, so I was motivated to run those 10 miles along the Minuteman Bikepath by myself this weekend. I’m glad I did, and I’m happy I chose the route along the Minuteman Bikepath: winter’s disguise was lifted, the snow was gone! The path revealed the beauty of its fleeting barren landscape (photo on right). I decided to simply go as slowly as possible, after all, a long slow run was on the schedule. Besides, when running your surroundings are fleeting, and running more slowly lets one hold on to the evanescent Spring scenery a bit longer. And, because the weather had warmed up, I figured if I can’t finish the 10 miles running, I can always walk those last one to two miles. I am proud I was able to finish the ten miles running!

Running_shoeI paid a price though: my left hip started aching around mile seven and my right foot was hurting from a blister. It’s two summers ago I last bought a new pair of running shoes. The ones I have are pretty beaten up. They weathered mud, dust, icy slush and deep rain puddles. Their retirement is overdue. To me, finding a good pair of running shoes is a difficult task, because my middle toe is the longest one, but the average shoe is designed with the big toe being in fact the big toe. So my current shoes are a pair of Men’s Saucony that are designed for narrow feet, but have more wiggle room for the toes.  It’s time to pay my local running store a visit.  After all, now that I’m going 10 miles and gradually more on my long runs, injury prevention is my top priority. Good bye running shoes and so long battered feet!


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