First Day of Training

brtr-mainimg003Yesterday, coincidentally on my birthday, I received an email from the Alzheimer’s Association about signing up for various sports events to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease. There it was, the “Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon” that caught my eye, and which is, if you know my research interests, quite aptly named. But more about my research interests in a later blog.

The Run to Remember happens to be my favorite local Half-Marathon: it has a path through downtown Boston and along scenic Memorial Drive. Just a day after my application (today) I received the invitation to join the Alzheimer’s Association team. I’m excited, but a little nervous about having to raise $1,000 until the end of June this year. This seems such a short time for someone like me who is a fundraising rookie. But I’m ready for the challenge.

I decided to write about the progress of my training here, so check back every two to three days or so for an update. For those who know me you might be surprised how little running I have been doing lately. I had been sick, stressed and busy for quite some time this winter, in addition we had a blizzard, and then even more snow, and so the weeks passed by without me doing much running at all (9 miles in a good week, 0 miles for several weeks in a row). Even though the race is only 10 weeks away with proper training I can do it, 13.1 miles that is. And I have done it before.

Thanks to a “SmartCoach” application on my mobile phone a tempo run was on my schedule this morning with a total distance of five miles: one mile warm-up, 3 miles at a pace faster than “conversational speed”, and one mile cool-down. Done! This was probably one of the last times that I ran more than 3 miles on the indoor tracks – there are 7 (!) loops per mile – counting 35 loops is hard! Only counting revolutions of a running wheel must be more difficult! Next on the list: an 8:00am run with the Alzheimer’s Association running team this Saturday morning!


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